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Nina May


Nina May – ‘Monsters In The Dark’ (mp3) OK, so I have a bit of a confession to make.  I’m quite impartial to bands with female singers – hey I was in one myself –…

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MAP – May 2015

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Our Australian MAP selection for May comes from Arvo Tanty – the solo project of Michael Dolan who formerly played in perth. Picture heavy, ostentatious synth accordion draped around your cerebrals in stereo sound. It sounds like luxury. IT IS IGOOD….

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Streamer Bendy


Streamer Bendy – ‘Boy Oh Boy’ (mp3) Streamer Bendy are BFFs and a very very attractive band. Named after the childhood imaginary friend of singer Erinn Swan, band member-wise Streamer Bendy is a mixture of…

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