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Snake Face – ‘Ignorant Youth’


Snake Face – ‘Ignorant Youth’ (mp3)

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So Imma level with you – I don’t think this is very good. But then I don’t really like hardcore music so this kind of just sounds like any overdriven guitar music that sounds like getting fucked in the ear with a cheese grater.

But we all love a side-project, and this one features members of Parades (yes, including Jonathan “SK8R BOI” Boulet). Plus it was recorded in a house over two days on borrowed equip so mad props for DIY yo.

Above is the title track from their debut album Ignorant Youth. If you like hardcore music (I’m looking at you, Sophie) then let me know what you think. I really can’t judge, but here it is for your aural pleasure/torment.

‘The Twerps’ live at The Empress

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The Twerps put out a 7″ late last year on the wonderful chapter music. I was quite hooked on that release and glad to catch their support slot for Super Wild Horse at the Empress. Lo fi pop is pretty hip right now, whilst I can get bored with some of the current crop, the Twerps have something more going on. I can’t tell you what that is exactly but it’s not just their youth. These guys aren’t moaning and have a wholesome sound, not ‘couldn’t be bothered’ lo fi. This comes across in the live show, which I really enjoyed.

Check out a track off the CD that comes with the 7″  ‘Little Guys’ – mp3

Snowdroppers – 'Do The Stomp'

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Do The Stomp from The Snowdroppers

The second single from The Snowdroppers album Too Late To Pray is another well-written and produced number from The ‘Droppers (I’ve opted for that, instead of “The Snowies”), who have continued their rise to power in the local scene since the album release in 2009.

Directed by the bands managers Craig Ridgwell and Russall Beattie, the style of the clip for ‘Do The Stomp’ is reminiscent of the Blues Brothers scene where they play behind chicken wire and are violently attacked with bottles from the crowd, which hopefully won’t encourage the crowd to re-enact this at live gigs, in a disastrous example of life imitating art (i.e Lisa Mitchell being showered in coins when she sings “do you have a dollar?”)..

Despite the safety concerns, the clip looks fantastic and definitely captures the bands live energy, and… interesting fans. Drawing so heavily on past musical and visual aesthetics gives The ‘Droppers a more refined sense of authenticity within the scene they are developing around them (old school feel, with cool tatt’s and alternate appeal). A credit to the crew at Difrnt Music and their management for giving the boys a solid push in the right direction, should be an interesting year no doubt!