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Red Shoes Boy – Swept The Floors



Red Shoes Boy – ‘Swept The Floors’ (mp3)

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I just got a copy of Red Shoes Boy’s Stagger EP and it blew my mind. They’re a relatively unknown act in Perth but the 19 minutes of dirty, distorted blues rock on the EP are all killer no filler.

They’re a combination of the Black Keys blues guitar riffery and Ian Ball from Gomez’s husky vocal chords. This isn’t ‘boring old man in an Eric Clapton t-shirt’ blues – Red Shoes Boy sound raw and raunchy as fuck.

The EP comes out on December 5th and I highly recommend you pick up a copy, a six pack of coldies and settle in to listen to it on repeat.

Emma Russack: 'By The Shore' premiere

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Emma Russack - ‘By The Shore’ (mp3)

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We’ve written about Emma Russack before under the guise of her previous band Lola Flash. She had some internet/youtube fame from her self taped home video recordings, but the now 22 year old Emma is back on her own with a matured and dare I say jazzy sound with the new single By The Shore. This short, pondering nostalgic number is a confident sounding follow up since we last heard her on Spunk’s Singles club released earlier this year. She is touring with another graduate of the Singles Club The Middle East this December before releasing her first official EP in January.

Cloud Control make me smile at the East Brunswick Club


These guys and gal certainly are easy to like, so it’s no surprise an excited crowd turned out.
Cloud Control have a really strong presence on stage, great lead vocals and are clearly enjoying themselves performing live.
I admire the confidence and look forward to their debut record out next year.

‘Gold Canary’ has been posted earlier, so check out something else on their myspace here.

The Verses – ‘Everything At Once’

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The Verses - ‘Everything At Once’ (mp3)

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I posted about The Verses last year, when the group was playing small shows around Melbourne and their MySpace had a collection of demos the Hooper siblings recorded with friends in a church in their hometown in regional Victoria.

They’re back on the major label ride and I’m a little bit disappointed with their first offering with Warner. I don’t think the songs are as strong as their older material and the shiny production robs them of character.

That said, Ella Hooper could sing the fine print of the Tax Pack over a Timbaland beat and I’d still fork over good money to see her do it live. The audiences of their Fleetwood Mac support slots in December are in for a treat and will enjoy ‘Forever More’, which sounds very heavily, um, influenced by the Mac.

teenagersintokyo – ‘Black Bones’ video

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Black Bones from Rhett Dashwood on Vimeo.

Here’s a new clip for an old song –  teenagersintokyo’s ‘Black Bones’ – by Australian Rhett Dashwood. I believe this isn’t an ‘official video’ but the band are endorsing it nonetheless – and as if you wouldn’t. This is definitely worth checking out.

And while on the topic of teenagersintokyo, here’s a remix by (personal album-of-the-year conenders) Seekae from earlier this year that never made it onto In case you missed it…

teenagersintokyo – ‘End It Tonight’ (Seekae Remix) (mp3)

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