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Kid Sam

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Kid Sam – ‘A Black Ant (mp3)

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KID SAM!.. Ain’t for kids.

With their self titled album released in March, Kid Sam have steadily gained more attention with every move, securing support and airplay from Triple J’s Zan Rowe, and currently touring the country with Sydney troubadour Jack Ladder.
Drawing from influences as seemingly obvious as Radiohead and Pivot, Kid Sam have ventured on to create a unique aesthetic that lands somewhere between minimal folk and post rock, while never straying too far from the pop sensibilities that make the songs so enjoyable. Vocalist Kieran Ryan’s blend of evocative melodies and abstract lyrical approach is engaging from start to finish, with Kishore Ryan filling out the percussive instrumentation with everything from pots to pans. This Melbourne 2 piece have produced a collection of beautifully crafted songs, each as different as the last.

Goes well on a Sunday afternoon.

Closure In Moscow

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Closure In Moscow – ‘At Night At The Spleen’ (mp3)

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When Melbourne lads ‘Closure in Moscow’ announced that they were packing their bags and heading to the US it’s fair to say that there were a few sceptics. However since making the move the guys have been making headway and proving themselves to be one of Australia’s most successful exports of late.

After signing to the widely respected label Equal Visions (home of bands such as Circa Survive and The Fall of Troy) and releasing their highly anticipated debut album ‘First Temple’, the boys have been impressing crowds all across America while playing festivals such as Bamboozle and touring with some of the biggest American punk acts. The success the guys have been having abroad hasn’t been forgotten back home with their first single ‘Sweet#hart’ being the most played track on Triple J in the week of its release.

With songs that are laced in the amazing guitar work of Michael Barret and fronted by the impressive vocal range of singer Chris DeCinque it’s not hard to see why people are quickly taking to Closure in Moscow’s unique sound – but don’t take my word for it, check out this track and see for yourself!

Rat vs Possum

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Photo by Nicola Trethowan

Rat vs Possum – ‘Jungle Pills’

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If you’ve ever experienced Rat vs Possum live, then you’re probably still finding a crust of glitter behind your ears and shaking out a glittery rainstorm from beneath your luscious locks. For those not yet acquainted (and also residing in Melbourne) they’ll be bringing their loop-peddling, psychedelic acid trip twang to the Tote every Wednesday in July, supported by a flurry of Australia’s experimental finest. A debut album looms in the latter part of the year, but here’s the ‘Jungle Pills’ demo to help you channel tropical circus vibes.

Billboard analyses twitter effect on music sales


Since Coolfer stopped I went back to reading Billboard online. Their article on twitter made some good observations about how it affects music sales. Last week Yves Klein Blue’s team made the announcement that it was going to distribute a free download by signing up to follow their tweets. Unfortunately for them, launching the promotion on Friday meant they were over shadowed by the biggest newstories of the year. I would like to hear from anyone who downloaded the track?