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Aeons – ‘In Great Wonder’

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Aeons – ‘In Great Wonder’ (mp3)

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‘In Great Wonder’ is a cool new song from Sydney duo Aeons that was co-written with Hot Little Hands over a day in a Sydney rehearsal space. Primarily a synth-based band hitherto better-known for their remix work, this track sees Aeons absorbing guitars and analogue delay pedals into the texture and arrangement of their tunes. It’s a hazy, slow-burning number that’s a far from the club-stomp house reworkings of Deep Sea Arcade and Ellie Goulding, which suggests these guys either got some more patience or Ritalin.

‘In Great Wonder’ is taken from their forthcoming, as-yet-untitled debut EP.

Bell Weather Department

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Bell Weather Department – ‘Hole In The Sky’ (mp3)

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It’s no surprise that I like this track since it kinda sounds like Aleks and the Ramps making love to Belles Will Ring. I don’t know much about Bell Weather Department but this song has certainly grabbed my attention, and the other tracks on their Myspace suggest these guys are worth keeping an eye on. They definitely have an accessible sound that could see them get some serious airplay with proper recordings under their belt.

Fans presents Lost and Found

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In lieu of the sadly canceled Lost Weekend festival in Brisbane, the Fans group (ie. the guys behind a bunch of Brisbane club nights and Useless Art Records) have decided to put on their own scaled down version of it. It’ll be held in Rosie’s in Brisbane’s city where the group hold host ‘The Cubby Hole’ club nights on weekends.

The line-up is below and it’s pretty killer for such a small venue, including a bunch of international and interstate acts. The Fans group, it must be pointed out, aren’t making any money off this night – they’re just filling the gap for the bands (and, um, fans) that were left hanging after Lost Weekend canceled. Tickets are only $35, but I hear there are 2-4-1 deals floating about the place.

If you’re in Brisbane then get along to it. Line-up after the jump:


Guineafowl/General Pants Co. new singles club


Guineafowl – ‘In Our Circles’ (mp3)

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So General Pants Co. are launching a monthly singles club record label starting with entries for Guineafowl, Circle Pit and High Highs in March. This shouldn’t seem like too much of a surprise to anyone who’s shopped in General Pants over summer and has likely been greeted with the line, “hey, you going to [insert next music festival] this weekend?” from the floor staff and pumping indie remixes over the speakers. I don’t know whether it’s actually written in their staff manual to try and connect with customers via music, but it’s certainly something that they’ve been successfully pushing of late.

But moving past the oversized singlets and undersized jeans, GP have actually collected some cool tracks up first. Circle Pit have been getting some mad props elsewhere on the internets, and we’ve already featured Guineafowl on before. While I think his previous track ‘Botanist’ was slightly better, ‘In Our Cirlces’ is still a nifty pop song with the same quirky edge to his electro-acoustic workouts.


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Romy – ‘Sleep’ (mp3)

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I’ve seen the new Romy Hoffman project live last year at Bigsound conference but it is still quite a surprise to hear this from the woman better known to us as Macromantics. “Sleep” is the first single from Romy and it features cool remixes from Juan Maclean and Brain Children.

Future Music Festival 2010 giveaways

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Sydneysiders: we have a double pass to giveaway for you thanks to Smirnoff Festivals Experience and Future Music Fest in Sydney. The vodka people are setting up a bar next to the main stage so you and a friend can check out Empire Of The Sun, Bag Raiders and Jump Jump Dance Dance, as well as internationals such as The Prodigy, Franz Ferdinand and Bookashade. All you have to do, is wait for the question we will send through our mailing list and be the first to email me that answer. Of course you will have to join our mailing list first if you’re not there already. GOOD LUCK!