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Dappled Cities 'Zounds' exhibition

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The ‘Wooden Ships‘ video above is part of stripped back studio footage that appears on Dappled Cities first DVD release, which will surface later on this year.

Our favourite falsetto wielding lads are voyaging back to Oz after 3 months of touring around the US, UK and Hong Kong. Following the success of ‘Zounds’, they’ll be ditching the pims and cucumber sandwiches at their London HQ to dash home for an Australian tour in support of their new single ‘Wooden Ships’. Click here for the full list of tour dates.

Dappled Cities will also be curating an exhibition of commissioned artworks inspired by the music from ‘Zounds’. It’s happening at MART Gallery in Sydney during this week, so if you’re in the vicinity, make sure you stop by.

Dappled Cities ‘Zounds’ Exhibition

Monday 31st May – Saturday 5th June

MART GALLERY 156 Commonwealth Street Surry Hills, NSW

Bearhug – ‘Grapefruit’

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Bearhug – ‘Grapefruit’ (mp3)

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Here’s a sweet new jam from Sydney’s Bearhug. Been sitting on for a while due to business/laziness so you might’ve heard it elsewhere already. If not, here it is: ‘Grapefruit.’ I posted a sick demo by Bearhug last year in which I implored them not to tidy up their sound too much. ‘Grapefruit’ kinda disregarded my plea – this shit sounds like it was actually recorded in a studio high end – but it still keeps things a bit loose, switching up tempos and whatnot. That tropical riff that drops in and out is total winner.

Looking forward to their full-length debut EP To Anything pretty hardcore right now, which will released through Spunk later this year June 25 (cheers to Polaroids of Androids for doing my research on that one). If you don’t know much of their stuff, their demo EP is available for free from their Myspace. You should get it.

Buchanan – ‘Mr Keeperman’


Buchanan – ‘Mr Keeperman’ (mp3)

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Sometimes I wish bands gave me all the information I needed when they sent me a song. That way, I wouldn’t have to Google them and stumble across posts on Coldplay message boards about how they met the singer in the line at the Coldplay concert and thinks they’re good. That kinda shit is pretty damning on a band. I’m willing to chalk up one’s presence at a Coldplay concert as “I was a fan of their first album,” but having fans of Coldplay go pushing your band on forums is kind of like being a fashion designer and having a middle aged mother you met at KMart telling people about your new collection at Playgroup.

Point is, send me the information I need for a post lest the above happen again. Even when I found the band’s Myspace, it was only to discover that a) yes, they were Australian, and b) the above song was the only decent one. I came pretty close to deleting this post, but I am putting it up to thinly veil my elitism to those who think being musical elitist is a bad thing.

Oh, and the above song is a pretty decent pop tune that I can see making waves on radio. Did I not give you enough information about the band? Just hit Google and see what you find…

Perth band ‘Pond’ party at the Workers Club in Fitzroy


perth band pond

Perth band Pond, was formed like a dream and that ‘fantasy’ feeling, beamed throughout the show that played to a packed Workers Club in Fitzroy on Sunday night.

Nick ‘Paisley Adams’ Allbrook on Vocals and glitter mayhem – he joked that he’ll probably have to clean up the place himself. Joseph Orion on bass and Jay Watson, the drummer of Tame Impala, make up the core members. Jay played a bunch of instruments, swapping around with Jamie Terry who plays guitar and keys in The Silents. Kevin Parker, Tame Impala’s lead guitar and vocals, played the driving drums that seemed to tie the whole room together, not unlike Lebowski’s rug. These guys are all very bloody talented and made the show one of the most fun gigs I have seen at this venue.

Look out for an album soon but check out their myspace now –

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Busby Marou – Banjo

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Busby Marou – ‘Banjo’ (mp3)

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Remember back in 2004 when acoustic singer-songwriters were seriously in vogue? The commercial success of Missy Higgins, John Butler, and Pete Murray turned the time-honoured practice of honing your craft and touring your arse off into an honourable pursuit. Eventually the zeitgeist moved on in the direction of Natalie Bassingthwaite and the singer-songwriters went back to the slog, unrecognised and slightly appreciated.

Busby Marou know all about the slog. Forming in my beloved hometown of Rockhampton, they’ve spent years playing pubs, clubs and theatres, recording at Pete Murray’s home studio along the way. Thomas Busby’s voice is similar to Murray’s, but the addition of a co-writer in Jeremy Marou saves the music from becoming dirge central.

Busby Marou launch their single at The Globe Theatre in Brisbane on Saturday night, with Cairns band The Medics also on the lineup.

Ghostdrums – ‘Morning Sun’

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Ghostdrums – ‘Morning Sun’ (m4a)

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I posted the video for this track a while back. I’d not heard of Ghostdrums until then, but the unassuming, ‘analogue-synths-meets-glitch-meets-lofi-meets-lullabies’ sound of Perth drummer-cum-electronica kid Pete Guazzelli caught my attention on first listen . It’s weird because there’s nothing really about this track that makes you stop and pay attention – it’s almost deliberately dry and understated. And yet it works, and the genius of his tracks’ simplicity unravels with each successive listen. It’s also weird that, despite alove of analogue equipment, Guazzelli has eschewed a vinyl release for a limited edition USB. It should be noted that the USB comes in an old cassette tape case, and it’s this combination of the new and the old – the digital and the analogue – that makes this music alluring, especially since it extends even to its packaging.

Dead Letter Circus – “Big” video

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YouTube Preview Image

This is DLC’s first music video as a major-label band and the increase in budget is pretty apparent, not that their old videos didn’t have their charms.
It’s a tonne of animation in the same artistic style as their album art. Watch out for the awkward nudity.