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Elrazor – ‘Second Coming’

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I don’t often put metal up on the blog. It’s partially because I’m scared Matt and Jerry will kick me off if I do it too often, but mostly because a lot of Aussie hard rock and metal bands aren’t very good.

While Melbourne’s Elrazor aren’t breaking any new ground in the genre, they do the Pantera/Iron Maiden/Metallica vein of metal well and tightly. They have everything – harmonised riffs, pinch harmonics, tasteful double kicks and shredding over palm muted chugging.

They’re currently #2 on the Triple J Unearthed metal chart – make of that what you will.

Emma and Alec – ‘Civilisations’


Emma and Alec – ‘Civilisations’ (mp3)

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Emma Russack has been seeing a bit of love on this site lately, with whothehell enthusiastically jumping on her post-Lola Flash solo EP. As if to further boost her swelling profile, she’s joined forces with fellow former Lola Flash member Alec Marshall to release a self-titles EP under the inventive moniker of Emma and Alec.

‘Civilisations’ is a slow, minimal track, focusing mainly on Russack’s beautiful floating vocals that aren’t unlike a lot of the chillwave stuff coming out of the US at the moment. This shit can only be purchases on CD-Rs available at Emma and Alec shows (possibly at Emma solo shows, not sure though). So get along to one of those if you like what you hear.

Howl play ‘Sandcastles Festival’ by the beach

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So after Mel’s awesome review last year and an interesting lineup for Sandcastles Festival in St Kilda,
I was really excited about this show and another day in the sun, having just returned from Marion Bay in Tas.
The festival setup, sound and security were fairly dodgy but the bands were pretty cool.
Howl was definitely a highlight with loads of energy and infectious thrashing sounds – it was a fun set.
Oh and they do have really nice haircuts. Check out their myspace here.

The Medics – This Boat We Call Love

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The Medics – ‘Sinking Ship’

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The Medics – ‘Amongst The Corn Field’

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I have no end of good things to say about Cairns band The Medics (I posted about them last year too), so I’ll keep this brief and try to gush as little as possible.

The Medics have spent the last nine months touring the country, playing shows and festivals and getting  good at playing live. I mean, really good.

After a fantastic showcase at Brisbane’s BigSound conference in October (sucked in to all of you who were too busy talking over Washington’s set and demolishing Dew Process’ bar tab to see them), Leanne DeSouza came out of semi-retirement to manage them. Her previous clients include George and Kate Miller-Heidke, so the boys are in good hands.

Their new EP This Boat We Call Love was produced by Mark Myers from The Middle East and is a contender for my favourite album artwork of the year. It’s folkier than their previous effort but definitely more cohesive.

They’re playing shows in Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast this weekend, starting with a gig at Club 299 tonight. Go and see them.


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CRUMBS – ‘Fantasy in Public’ (mp3)

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CRUMBS – ‘Dribbles’ (mp3)

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CRUMBS is the moniker under which Melbourne drummer Max Kohane (Agents of Abhorrence, Cut Sick, Pivixki) releases his dabbles in electronic beats. His pedigree as a drummer shines through, with a strong emphasis on rhythm and syncopation permeating the samples and kicks featured on his recently released Pieces and Portions, Vol. 1 EP – which you can download for free here.

Apparently he has lent his beat-making skills to the likes of Brain Children and Macromantics, and Mikey Young (of Eddy Currant and Brain Children) is credited with having a hand in the aforementioned CRUMBS release. The tracks featured thereon aren’t traditionally-structured songs; they’re grooves and loops that subtely evolve and shift over two or three minutes before bleeding into the next track. Some might call them transitional songs or ‘unfinished,’ but there’s enough going on as if to entertain a half-attentive listener. For a guy who claims to just “dabble” in this stuff (as his email said), Kohane sure has enough skill to suggest that maybe devoting more time to production would be a good move.

Sony Walkman Giveaways

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Update: Here are the winning entries for our Sony promotion.

We wanted you to tell us what your LEAST favourite Australian album of the year was and why – it could be anything from Seekae (not likely) to Jessica Mauboy. Our three winners chose Stan Walker, The Getaway Plan, and Quiet Child (though this dude’s review seems to indicate that he actually liked it after all). After the jump we’ve included the re-reviews of their least favourite albums as heard, this time, through the aforementioned Sony headphones. Some entertaining stuff there.

(Note: No one at has tried or used these products nor received any payment for this promo. We were approached by Sony and thought it would be nice to get some giveaways for our loyal readers. The reviews below are presented as sent to us, unedited, and without direction.)


Cassian – ‘Fuck Song’

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Cassian – ‘Fuck Song’ (mp3)

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Cassian’s ‘Fuck Song’ is the third track on his Bang Gang 12″ and it’s probably my favourite. An aptly names tune, this is the jam to put on if you’re planning a seedy night in this weekend. It’s a jazzy, funky little number with a smooth bass line, bouncing piano and brass blasts – perfect for ‘getting your groove on.’

Alternatively, you can also listen to this song outside the bedroom and it still sounds pretty cool.