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Makeover Triple Zed!

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Brisbane community radio station 4ZzZ FM have put the call out to artists worldwide to sexify their building, once the home of the Brisbane arm of the Communist party. From the presser:

Banksy eat your heart out!!! The legendary Brisbane radio station, 4ZzZ, is looking for someone to unleash their creative juices on the biggest blank canvas they’ll ever have – the front of Zed Towers!!!

My housemates and I all did stints at ZzZ and none of us have ever heard the building referred to as Zed Towers, but maybe it’s a new thing they’re trying to get happening.  Anyway, if you’d like to paint something cool on a fuck-off big building on a main road in Brisbane, send an email with your design and why you’d like to do it to by 30 May.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – ‘Rush To Relax’ review

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Eddy Current Suppression Ring – ‘Anxiety’ (mp3)

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It all began at the Christmas party of a vinyl pressing plant. Four men, Brendan Suppression (vocals) Eddy Current (guitars), Rob Solid (bass), and Danny Current (drums) came together to form what was come to be one of Australia’s most promising bands; Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

Before I was well acquainted with this band I happened to stumble across them during one of my first shifts at the Annandale Hotel – little did I know what I was in for. I was still fairly new to the art of pouring beers and I soon found Brendan Suppression’s shoes at eye level as he swaggered across the bar in front of me. A lot of Cooper’s Pale Ale was dribbling everywhere and the distractions just kept on coming. I was enthralled and before I knew it he had hurled himself off the bar into the riled up crowd of punters as the guitars grinded away in a Stooges like fashion. I walked away from that shift with a seven-inch and their second album ‘Primary Colours’. I was hooked.

A few months later and I have their third release “Rush to Relax” on high rotation.

While their influences are more or less front and center, Eddy Current have made a move to try something new on their third release, yet I found myself asking, ‘do I want them to?’ The lyrics are still somewhat naive, sometimes hilarious, sometimes ridiculous and always delivered in an Aussie accent that could be the love child of the narrator of VB commercials and Johnny Rotten. For the purists, the production is still distinctly lo-fi and bands like The Troggs and The Stooges are still stand out influences. Yet after two albums of two and a half minute garage gold, ‘Rush to Relax’ contains two ballads (well, as close as Eddy Current can get to a ballad), a few longer jam based songs and a song that finishes with 20 minutes of ambient beach noise, which is a surprise coming from possibly the most unpretentious band in Australia. ‘Rush to Relax’ was apparently knocked out in six hours. Perhaps if they gave themselves a bit more time they could pull together something truly brilliant; something more than great riffs, garage sixties fuzz and an Australian accent. The ballads, such as ‘Gentleman’ and ‘I Can be a Jerk’ lacked energy, and while the longer jamming based songs were enjoyable, tracks that lent themselves to the four-to-the-floor rhythms, stabbing guitar riffs and guileless vocals like the opener ‘Anxiety’ were easily my favourites, because they maintained the upbeat urgency of Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s first two albums.

Rush to relax is a good album, nothing more nothing less. But when you have musicians of such caliber, one of the best live shows in the country and a brilliant back catalogue, ‘Rush to Relax’ is ultimately a disappointment. This aside, it is better than half the releases from other Australian bands of late, it’s just that Eddy Current are so god damned good that this album should have been more than the middle ground, it should have been mind blowing. Eddie Current will be back in Sydney playing on the 9th and 10th of April, and will once again be gracing the stage of the Annandale Hotel. So do yourself a favour, regardless of whether you are a fan of the new album or not and come to the Annandale to witness one of the most entertaining live shows Australia has to offer.

Ned Collette + Wirewalker Farewell Show

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I posted the support bands yesterday, this was the main event – Ned Collette + Wirewalker farewell oz for a relocation to Berlin.
Collette needs no introduction, he is well established and this farewell show felt more like a friendly get together of Melbourne’s finest musicians.
That said, I don’t get that excited by his music. I know it’s good, It just doesn’t move me.
I do however, enjoy seeing a crowd enthralled and photographing this set was a real treat. I post this as a tribute to these guys and the strong influence they have had on Australian music and I wish them well in Berlin.
Follow their adventures here.


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Loopus – ‘Dad’s Angry’ (mp3)

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Loopus call themselves “a live DJ band without the vinyl”, and while I suppose that’s a pretty good description, it doesn’t give credit to the jazz training of the band members, let alone the contribution of VJ Jaymis. Here’s their explanation of how they work:

The band consists of computer, guitar, electric bass and drums. When performing live, DJ Henden grabs riffs from each instrument, loops then and throws them back for the band to work with, creating more texture for interaction/improvisation. A live set performed by Loopus is always evolving and can be over one hour long, moving from groove to groove, riff to riff in continuous flow. For festivals and venues with screens available, Loopus combines with VJ Jaymis who attaches micro cameras on instruments and surroundings, creating live video mixing as the band plays.

DJ Henden works behinds the scenes as a producer, looping, editing and re mixing previous live jams/gigs. These tracks resemble more of a song structure.

In summary, this band is fucking cool in the nerdiest way possible. If you like the possibilities of digital music and/or jazz without annoying glitch beats or scatting, you’ll probably like this. Check out their videos, or see them live at Brisbane’s X & Y bar tomorrow night.

The ancients & Ouch My Face

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Ouch My Face

The Ancients

Somewhere in the industrial end of fairfield lies a warehouse that housed the ‘Ned Collette + Wirewalker’ farewell show.
These guys played along with ‘Duns’ (I was too late to shoot but heard great things about) and wrapped by ‘Super Melody’.
‘The Ancients’ were a nice warm up to the explosive ‘Ouch My face’ who really were my highlight.
Considering that most peeps were sitting around on the floor, Ouch brought a great energy to the space.
Check the Ancients here and Ouch My Face here.

Mexican Mavis (New Version)

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Mexican Mavis Mp3

It seems when i posted this Boy&Bear track a few months ago, I only posted the original demo recording… Since then, they’ve decided to re-record and make something that was great, even better. So while half the band is currently touring the UK as Laura Marling’s band, the remaining members continue touring Oz, to spread the word of the ‘Boy and the Bear’.. There’s also some new recorded material awaiting release in the near future, and it’s sounding great from all reports.. Kicking goals lads, keep it up. Peace.