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Fires of Waco + Headaches @ Browning Street Studios

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The venue

awk·ward, adjective

1 obsolete : perverse
2 archaic : unfavorable, adverse
3 a : lacking dexterity or skill,  b: showing the result of a lack of expertness
4 a : lacking ease or grace  b : lacking the right proportions, size, or harmony of parts
5 a : lacking social grace and assurance  b : causing embarrassment
6 : not easy to handle or deal with : requiring great skill, ingenuity, or care

Riding in a full elevator is awkward. Finding out your boyfriend’s mum is about to become your step-mum is awkward. But somehow, spending a hot afternoon crammed into a small room with forty other people and watching melodic punk bands play wasn’t awkward at all.


Guerre – ‘Light Between Everyone’ + footage

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Guerre – ‘Light Between Everyone’ (mp3)

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I posted about Guerre only a few weeks back and already he’s supplied a sweet new track, ‘Light Between Everyone.’ This one is a short, tender folk song draped in reverb and layers of fragile vocals and shifts into a dreamy organ coda after only two verses. Really beautiful.

Guerre is also doing Monday night performances at the Excelsior, which is basically him, a mic, some effects and a loop pedal. The footage I’ve seen is really good, and you can check out some of it below.

Video Contact 001 from Spiritif Records on Vimeo.

Embodiment Project

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Queer life in America? What does that have to do with Australian culture?

Well, Embodiment is a project by our friend Amelia Tovey from Shoot The Player, whose videos we’ve featured on before. Embodiment will be both an interactive website and a series of 25 short films that Amelia shot last year that interrogate and ruminate on contemporary queer life. She’s also started a Kickstarter project, where she’s hoping to raise $10, 000 in 90 days to fund the completion of the project (the editing and the website). You can access that site and donate here.

‘Princess One Point Five’ Easter Sunday @ the Northcote Social Club

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Launching their new single ‘Today’, Sarah Jane arrived with a basket of easter eggs. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to get the limp crowd excited and certainly no one was standing up – not after eating jesus all day.

It was a little sleepy which is a shame because P1.5 sound great. Sarah-Jane and Richard Andrew have a wonderful energy and know how to pen a pop song. This show felt a little flat and with two band members reading sheet music, a small crowd and my high expectations, I left a little disappointed.

P1.5’s new single sounds catchy and with an LP to follow, it will be interesting to see how a band that has previously had plenty of success, competes with the current wave of local talent.

To pick up the new single, check out their official site here –