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The Basics – ‘Hey There!’

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Kris Schroeder of The Basics has given this blog the all new exclusive to their new album Stand Out / Fit In. It contains 13 tracks, only two of which are covers. All the originals sound like they could have been written in the 60s or 70s, with delivery and play so confident they put a lot of newer bands to shame when it comes to skill and musicianship. I have to say I was half expecting to hear a few covers that I have heard them play live like The Police’s ‘Roxanne’ or New Kids On The Block’s ‘The Right Stuff’. I suppose it would have been difficult/expensive to clear, I’m sure plus the originals could earn them some nice syncing dollars somewhere. So what to feature here? We’ve already blogged the singles ‘Just Hold On’, ‘Rattle My Chain’ and ‘Lookin’ Over My Shoulder’. So I’ve picked this little number that I’m pretty sure not very many people have heard called ‘Hey There!’, featuring horns!

The Basics are right now in the middle of their crazily ambitious Tri-state residency playing Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane each week for a month! This must be some record breaking feat.


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