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LISTEN: Velcro – ‘Tidal Wave 2009 – 2013’

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velcro tidal

Curtis Wakeling was tinkering around with his computer one day when he dropped his tiny screwdriver down the back of his desk. He crawled in under the desk, past boxes of old records and footy jumpers, and came across a large gray box with a funny shaped lead running out the back. It was a hard disk drive (HDD) from 2009.

Intrigued, he plugged it in and discovered a series of audio sketches for tunes he had been writing over the last five years.

After having a sandwich, he decided to complete what has become a collection or compilation, of complete songs, which has served as the perfect release for his housemate’s new label Osbourne AgainTidal Wave (2009-2013) is a limited-edition run of 50 cassettes complete with very lovely artwork or a digital download off bandcamp.

‘Rise’ is a freebie on the bandcamp page and it’s a nice lazy-morning track. Kinda demotivating actually. You can feel hungover just by listening to this one. ‘Dreamboat’ is way more romantic. This is the kinda track that sooths me like a snuggled baby being cooed by its mother. Despite describing an anxiety dream, Curtis executes the perfect dole-pop sound with catchy guitar and sincere vocals.

If you’ve been playing at home than you’ll recall that Curtis recently spent an extended stay in the wonderful city of New York, New York. ‘Stoned’ was written there and is an honest account of what many young Australians experience abroad. Loneliness. Despair. Boredom. And masturbation. Sounds like a good Saturday night because he somehow manages to make it sound like something you’d want. What Curtis does so beautifully in every track is take these experiences and put them into song without a filter. I’ve said before how honest the Velcro music is and this compilation lays it all out for you. It’s quite remarkable that the result is such a warm and easy to listen to record.

Velcro will be launching the tape very soon so we’ll keep you posted but for now check out the other tracks on bandcamp or Curtis’ other band The Ocean Party, who were recently picked up by Spunk. Wow.

UPDATE: Brisbane Tape launch Sep 6th 2013 – details here.


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This round features a very special group of Australian artists that contribute to our fine musical landscape via a visual medium. A sprinkle of directors who have made videos from many of Australia’s most successful byproducts including Midnight Juggernauts, The Jungle Giants, Boy and Bear, Otouto, Alpine and the amicable Boomgates among many. These directors often go unnamed but are critical in the promotion and elevation of the artists you love. So we thought we’d let them tell you about some videos and tracks that they’ve been diggin’ on for this month’s C̶o̶l̶l̶e̶c̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ Director’s PEG.





Directors Christopher Hill and Lachlan Dickie aka ‘Chris & Lachlan’ aka ‘Krozm‘ have been directing music videos since 2006 for bands including, Cut Copy, Architecture In Helsinki, Midnight Juggernauts, Miami Horror, Jet and Sarah Blasko. They have been directing commercials since 2011 and in 2012 won a Cannes Young Directors Award.



Owl Eyes – ‘Closure’

Director: Jackson Dickie

The video for Owl Eyes ‘Closure’ probably represents a conceptual minimalism realised to a standard rarely seen in the Australian music video world. Not only does it look good, thanks to cinematographer Germain Mcmicking, but it also has a strange emotional weight and a simple, concise concept that actually pays off at the end. There’s also an instinctual attraction to the elegant yet ridiculous extremes in facial and body contortion… something we can personally relate to.



Midnight Juggernauts – ‘Ballad Of The War Machine’

Director: Vincent Vendetta

We’re always a fan of a strong concept and the balance between subtlety, detail, extremism and the ridiculous. Speaking of which this low-fi video directed by our friend Vincent of the Midnight Juggernauts another recent favourite. The shots of the Juggernauts in uniform dancing in Russia and on various military hardware could perhaps qualify as genius.

YouTube Preview Image




Anthony Salsone

anthony salsone

Anthony Salsone is a freelance video director and producer from Brisbane, Australia. He has worked with artists such as The Jungle Giants, The Medics, Dune Rats, Holy Holy, and more. Anthony is currently aspiring to learn a second language and find a real job. Let’s hope he never succeeds on the latter cause we need him making cool videos instead, eh.



The Trouble With Templeton – ‘You Are New’


For me, one of the most satisfying parts of listening to music is hearing an artist mature from one release to the next. Case in point, The Trouble With Templeton. TTWT’s new record Rookie sees front man Tom Calder navigate away from the singer-songwriter sound and into a much more dynamic and honed ensemble.

Their recent single, ‘You Are New’ waltzes from beginning to end, adding and subtracting well-crafted layers that, together, create an effortless drive. Its purposeful simplicity tells us that this group has nothing to prove—comfortable and secure enough to favour melodic song writing over delay-soaked guitar hooks.

The production is equally enjoyable. Here again, Matt Redlich shows us why he is working with some of Australia’s most talented artists. Throughout the album, Redlich pulls some of the warmest and sexiest drum tones I have heard in a long time.

TTWT is one of those bands that very obviously put a lot of thought into each of their clips. For this reason, you can consistently rely on them to produce something worth watching. This track’s video sees the band continue their fruitful creative partnership with director Josh Calder (Tom’s brother). Here, Josh does exactly what he needs to, matching the clip to the track’s mood and pacing. Combine this with the on-screen charisma of his brother Tom, and we arrive at a very enjoyable music video.

YouTube Preview Image 

Website / Follow


Gus Kemp


Gus has been in the desert for 9 weeks shooting a cultural/ adventure documentary & listened to almost no music in that time. Just big big spaces, freezing nights and lots of stars; strange coloured dirt and sand, sometimes some dingoes howling. But mostly, always a fire; and a place to come back to. It rained a lot too and the atmosphere was super electric. Back in the city, he has a hearth, a studio, and great collaborators.

He was in Mauritius earlier in the year shooting a drama in a cyclone. Now he’s working on a screenplay for a film in the desert. Not something that arose from any recent experiences there, but something very strange that happened there, in the past. He only likes being behind the camera when there’s a story unfolding in front of him.

“There’s nothing more interesting in the world than a good yarn. The stranger the better.”



Montero – ‘Adriana’


I actually like this song a lot because of the video. It’s got rocks and wool and mime. Hardness. Softness. Horns. Maybe it reminds me a little of The Olivia Tremor Control. Not in a direct way, but more in a way of how I may have loved them once because of where they took me – strange places, other worlds, though not uninhabited.


Facebook / Soundcloud



Paul Andrew Rhodes



Paul Andrew Rhodes (aka par) is a music video animator/director from the ‘swing-seat’ of Sydney’s west (we’re so politically aware). He started Negative Films, and has made videos for Audego and Boy and Bear amongst others.


Jasper – ‘Dr No (ft Simo Soo)’


Jasper has been making music in Sydney’s inner west for ages. Previously working under tonnes of pseudonyms and with various bands, he’s now releasing new work as Jasper Clifford Smith. I was hooked instantly when he dropped ‘Dr No’ – a collab track with Simo Soo. The Tipping Dollars EP is available at his Bandcamp page.

Facebook / Bandcamp




Luci Schroder


Luci Schroder is a film director currently based in Melbourne, Australia, with a background in Fine Arts. Schroder received much interest after making music video clips for Australian artists Donny Benét & Alpine. Schroder garnered several award nominations and a commissioning by British photographer, Nick Knight of SHOWstudio, for a film on fashion fetish. Schroder’s last music video took place in Paris with the French band Juveniles.



The Night Terrors – ‘Lazers For Eyes’


‘Lazers For Eyes’ is no slow-wave, sleep inducing fair. It sounds and feels like a futuristic nightmare. It would be a pleasure to create a world for such a nightmare; grandiose and sprawling.

When I saw The Night Terrors play, they were supporting Italian band, Goblin at the Melbourne Town Hall (the one with the gargantuan organ).

Goblin is perhaps most acclaimed for creating the soundtrack to classic Dario Agento’s 70’s horror films, films like Tenebrae, Deep Red, Suspiria, Phenomena – which I must admit was the reason for me being there. But after the show, I couldn’t stop thinking about The Night Terrors, and stories that would make justice to this big ass sound. Not to mention the theremin magic performed by Miles Brown.

Definitely a big fan.


YouTube Preview Image



Website / Facebook




Mia Mala McDonald



Mia is a photographer, whose work has appeared in the The New York Times, Frankie and Golden Plains among others.

Her first time as cinematographer was working with director Emma Freeman on the video for ‘Gallows’ for ‘freak folk’ duo CocoRosie. Since then, she’s shot clips for Boomgates, Darren Hanlon and most recently worked on the SKYWHALE project for artist Patricia Piccinini.

Her excellent video for Dick Diver’s ‘Calendar Days’ was her first outing as director and cinematographer. Impressive.



Beaches – ‘Send Them Away’


It’s so hard to nail the vibe in a clip that suits the band. Ben Monitor recently got it so right with his animated video for Beaches. It’s a beautiful layering of muted colour and light hearted images of puppies, a special Beaches pinball machine, big adventures, mini adventures and a true celebration of amazing hair.

The video takes you back to childhood as it is reminiscent of cartoons on Saturday morning. It’s textural, combining hundreds of Ben Monitor’s illustrations. Al from Beaches mentioned that “Ben had many friends help him get it finished” – perhaps this is why the video is so warm and and so full of beautiful imagery.

Ben Monitor is a illustrator/artist and it is so exciting seeing his work as moving images. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

YouTube Preview Image






Check out previous editions of Collective Peg HERE.



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soda eaves

Soda Eaves is Melbourne-based, Hot Palms guitarist Jake Core. ‘Doll’ is the first single from his debut album Like Drapes Either Sides, which will be released on vinyl early August. This is one of those tracks we’d like to call warm and fuzzy but it has an eerie darkness that I find very attractive. Like how girls like bad boys, I like moody, bleak Australian accented vocals. Swoon.

Update: You can nab the full length record on bandcamp or purchase the sweet vinyl edition here or at these shows:

16 Aug – * Red Wheelbarrow Books, Melbourne 7pm
w/ Popolice, Rory Cooke & Garth Madsen

21 Aug – The Front Gallery, Canberra 7pm

24 Aug – Hibernian House, Sydney 6pm
w/ Shiver Like Timber, Joseph Liddy & more

25 Aug – Yours + Owls, Wollongong 7pm
w/ Catman

30 Aug – Terrace Bar, Newcastle 8pm
w/ Joseph Liddy & Charles Buddy Dabouul

31 Aug – * Roots Records, Bellingen 1pm

7 Sep – * The Waiting Room, Brisbane 7pm
w/ McKisko, R.L. Jones & Hugh Middleton

13 Sep – * The Cot, Townsville 7pm
w/ guests

14 Sep, Cairns* (to be announced)

*The Finks not appearing




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LISTEN: Cow Parade Cow – Before The Sharks LP

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The follow-up to 2012’s Big Sky is Cow Parade Cow’s new LP Before the Sharks which has ossified their position as one the most exciting DIY projects operating out of the Western Australia right now.


‘Hallelujah Howl’

Listen to

The self-recorded, mixed, produced, and art designed project is the work of Mike Litton. With a healthy dose of trepidation, he handed a few tracks over to the ‘live-band’ bassist, Cam Stewart, but otherwise the production is his love-child. He opted not to auto-tune ‘Kanye style’ the higher parts, instead Litton brought in housemate, Janie Green who perfectly complemented Litton’s sketchy, heart-on-sleeve vocals illustrated nicely in ‘Lease the Sunset, Sell the Coast’.

‘Lease the Sunset, Sell the Coast’

Listen to

Before the Sharks moves beyond Cow Parade Cow’s previous releases not just in sound and production but also emotionally. It’s darker and somewhat more battered in spirit and there is a desperation in the explosions of sound and neurotic lyrics.

Litton tells me that “it almost feels like the huge rhythms and driving songs are the result of pure determination and stubbornness rather than for the joy of music”. Which is kind of how I always imagined an Architecture in Helsinki record getting made. A sound that is fun, bold, hypnotic and uplifting, but at the same time sounds like it was produced under duress. I can totally picture those hippies being held in solitude until the last ounce of pure chai-fuelled sunshine is burnt onto tape.

‘Beagle Personality’

Listen to

‘Beagle Personality’ is one of my favs for its pure recklessness which manages to sound so light and poppy whilst being utterly blunt and so honestly heartbreaking.


Cow Parade Cow are venturing over to the East coast in early September playing shows in Melbourne, with a live band of friends kidnapped from other Perth bands. Look forward to a large stage of shenanigans with 6-9 members recreating the densely layered sounds of the recording. We’ll keep you up to date when more details arrive.


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MTNS are buzzing. Or blowing up. Hype’n you might say. But who are they? Well that is all part of the intrigue. They are currently purporting a clever definition-type bio ie MTNS: noun, band etc. If you wanna remain elusive, that’ll do the job. They have just released a video. Featuring mountains. Shot & edited by Theresa Fryer, so we can share that but otherwise let’s just speculate that it’s actually a side project of Last Dinosaurs.

YouTube Preview Image


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WATCH: The Trouble With Templeton VS The Jungle Giants

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YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

The Trouble With Templeton have had lots of love on here since Alan’s heart was captured by the folky sounds of Thomas Calder. Originally doing his solo thing he now has a debut record Rookie with TTWT, had a successful North America jaunt and even got picked up for Carson Daly‘s show.

The Jungle Giants have similarly had plenty of joy on here courtesy of our old buddy Alex Watts plug’n them back in 2011. Their LP Learn To Exist is out at the end of the month and follows a bunch of successful singles and the catchy as hell EP She’s A Riot.

TTWT/The Jungle Giants


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LISTEN: Wintercoats – ‘Everyone Seems To Be In On Something’ (Kyson Remix)



Kyson is the musical project of Jian Kellett Liewis. Adelaide born, Berlin dwelling. Kyson is a composer/beat-maker who was recently signed to Friends of Friends with a debut due later this year. This remix of the Wintercoats track ‘Everyone Seems To Be In On Something’ adds a heavier beat but retains the spacious melody with fragments of the original vocal. Wintercoats is being remixed more and more and it’s no surprise really, as he is a multi-instrumentalist with exceptional production, which provides a wealth of sound to stretch, layer, and build upon. Check the original EP Heartful on Bandcamp as a ‘name your price’ download.


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