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Ash Phoenix – ‘Bye Bye Bicycle’ (mp3)

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You’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at an Incubus promo photo circa Fungus Amongus… dude, check out those dreads!

But in actual fact it’s Ash Phoenix, a band who are slowly but surely generating a bit of a buzz for themselves around the Sydney alternative scene thanks for some fiery, energetic live shows and supports with the like of current Triple J darlings, Dead Letter Circus.

‘Bye Bye Bicycle’ (slightly dubious title, but each to their own) is the first single from their forthcoming EP.  Rhythmic chords ride the beat while Roddy Bottum-esque keys lines carry the melody underneath, before the soaring chorus kicks in with Tyrone unleashing a surprisingly confident voice (because usually “singers” in alternative bands are just crap).

They’re playing September 14 at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney – you’ve got a while to wait, but in the meantime stop washing your hair so you can fit in at their next show.


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