Who The Bloody Hell Are They? was started by Jerry Soer and Dom Alessio in July 2006. Dom has left to concentrate on his radio show Home and Hosed on Triple J, and Jerry is now a full time artist manager based in LA. One of Australia’s first music blogs, Who The Hell’s mission was to document and archive the progress of Australian music. Over the years, we’ve had many contributors volunteer their time to post new and emerging Australian artists. Many artists who we’ve initially posted on the blog have gone on to achieve success both locally and on an international level.

Who The Hell is a tightly curated blog about Australian music. We know our local scene well and only post stuff we love. Any mp3s featured here are for download and streaming are for promotional purposes. If you like the artists you hear – harass them on their social networks, buy their cds/vinyls/tapes/merch mugs and smuggle your enthusiasm to the front row of their gig when they play in your city.

We only feature music from Australian and New Zealand artists/bands. If you plan in an Irish sessional/Romanian folk-jam band: we can’t help you out, but one of our MAP blog friends in your region may be able to.

We’re always on the hunt for new Australian music, little-heard-of bands, interesting ideas and music happenings – so drop us a line.


CONTACT US: editors@whothehell.net (for all general music submissions & press releases)

Acting Editor: Annie Toller – annie@whothehell.net

Editor: Melissa Tan – melissa@whothehell.net (for events and tour presents, exclusives, label relations + other queries)

Writers: Alan Weedon, Carl Redwood, Dennis De Caires, Grace Pashley, James Frostick, Madeleine Laing, Ryan Saar.


Alan Weedon, Ed Gorwell, Rebecca Capp.

Mapcast Producer: Robbie Ingrisano

Website design: Angus Tait

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  1. Kit Atkinson

    February 14, 2013 4:18 pm

    Do you guys have an email address for Rebecca Capp? I’ve just got a query about a photo she took at the Bangin Aus Day BBQ show. Thanks


    September 16, 2014 9:02 am

    hi – i’d love to write to your editor or music reviewer as i’m an american artist coming to australia in november for a string of shows.. i have an interesting story. can i please have a contact info or link? i couldn’t find on your site.

    kindest regards,



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