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EXCLUSIVE: Trust Punks – ‘Prone Hold’

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Trust Punks

True to form, ‘Prone Hold’ from Auckland’s Trust Punks sees the band continue to forge their sound; a dissonant marker between punk and skewered pop.

‘Prone Hold’ is the first track to be released from the band’s debut LP, Discipline. The seven track LP follows a series of singles previously released on Bandcamp.

Both blissful and confronting, ‘Prone Hold’ is a perplexing journey. While each section boasts enough content to carry an entire track, it all passes in seamless procession. The chaos is counteracted by extended angular guitars and long drawn vocal lines. The track peaks with the inclusion of horns over gradually rising and multiplying vocals, before devolving once more into a harsh enveloping wall of noise.

Trust Punks perform at Homies Cosy Teahouse on October 18th in Wellington, and 10 South Street on October 25th in Auckland. A larger New Zealand tour and the band’s second tour of Australia will happen this coming Summer.

Discipline is set for a November 14th release date via Spunk Records.

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MAPCAST: South of the Border

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Following our podcast on new Indonesian tunes last month, Mexico is our feature country in this month’s MAPCAST. Robbie takes you through what he describes as “twenty minutes of terrifying Mexican underground”, covering everything from new cumbia to afro-pacific beats. The whole affair sounds like Gael Garcia Bernal and Drake doing drinking out of a shoe in a dank, dark club somewhere on the Yucatan. Thanks to our fellow MAP compatriot Uliel from Mexico music blog RedBull Panamerika for your help this month.

This month’s episode, along with previous podcasts are available for free download over at our Soundcloud.

Check out more international tunes in the September edition of the Music Alliance Pact.

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Angela Ford and David Jenkins are a pair of vigilantes. The Sydney duo don’t fight crime per se, but they do fight the good fight of producing great music. Vigilantes have created an immaculate and imaginative tune with ‘Circles’ – a glossy, New Wave-y melody built on danceable beats. The duo have also recently put forth a brand new cut, creatively entitled, ‘<3′. Believe me, these songs ooze style.

‘Circles’ seems to lament or grudgingly accept the cyclical nature of things. Recurring mantras and looping synth progressions help to round out this feeling. Angela’s vocals are particularly special, moving across angelic peaks from chorus to verse.

‘<3′ has a bit more pop and bounce. This one focuses heavily on David’s sculpted vocal tones; smooth, yet not over the top. He sings about devotion, eternal love and other happy things but without sounding cheesy – no mean feat when you specialise in effervescent electro-pop.

Both Angela and David are accomplished musicians, having previously performed with Bertie Blackman and Kirin J Callinan. I’ve been told by the pair that the creative process is rarely linear, but things manage to come together with ideas and fragments recorded over time. If ‘Circles’ is any indication, I’d say the process works perfectly.

No EP or album is planned at this stage, but expect more singles that will assuredly help spread the word of this daring duo.

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WATCH: Andras Fox – ‘Pontoon’

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Everyone – seriously, everyone – avert your eyes from whatever activity you were engaged in before, and focus all of that visual attention on Andras Fox‘s brilliant new clip for ‘Pontoon’.

Andras Fox (also of Fox & Sui and Andras & Oscar) has been kicking enormous goals lately, getting himself signed to legendary US label Mexican Summer. But, as this clip shows, the Melbourne producer still has a sweet spot for home. Prepare yourself for the highlight of your day, featuring sandboarding, silver-toothed villains and errant iPhones. Oh, and sax laser guns.

Now, ‘Pontoon’ itself is pretty great. Smooth, electronic lounge music, mushy as hell and drowning in cheesy synth riffs, it’s on the same plane as ironic Sydney acts Donny Benet and Alex Cameron. But when paired with the video, the song re-invents itself into the soundtrack of the greatest B-grade thriller that was never made. It’s as though a short-lived spy/vigilante 80′s TV show had been shot on a shoestring budget and relocated to Melbourne’s CBD.

The Vibrate on Silent 12” is out now through Mexican Summer.

Andras Fox will be appearing in Andras & Oscar form (with Oscar Key Sung) as part of Melbourne Music Week on Saturday 15 November at the QVM.

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Trekking all the way from the southern music hub of Dunedin, Males are one of New Zealand’s most formidable feel-good punk bands.

Specialising in songs that are short, quick and catchy, the trio play music that would probably be pop if not for its ferocity. Their double EP, Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales, captures the band’s satisfying mix of jangly guitars, rumbling bass, and driving percussion.

Despite the upbeat nature of the songs, lyrically they’re not always a happy affair, telling tales of anxiety and weakness. In a live setting it’s obvious that the songs are a therapeutic endeavour, the band working through negativity by throwing a kickass punk dance party.

Males have two more dates to go on their NZ/Australia tour:

26 September – ReFuel, Dunedin with carb on carb and Dinosaur Sanctuary. RSVP on Facebook.

27 September – The Space, Christchurch with carb on carb, The River Jones and coate. RSVP on Facebook.

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Who the Hell’s Guide to BIGSOUND

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Apart from being one of the few places in the world where old white dudes drink for free, BIGSOUND (if you don’t know) is also a great place to see new Australian bands – and your old favourites – which is something we’re pretty keen on. Here’s who we reckon will be worth checking out between beers at the LIVE portion of this year’s festival. You can check out the whole lineup and pick up last-minute tickets here.

We’ll also be instagrammin’ live for the festival at @whothehellnet if you wanna see us attempt to find a filter that might make Fortitude Valley Mall look good.

Jesse Davidson: Wednesday, 8.00 p.m. – New Globe Theatre


Jesse Davidson is an Adelaide eighteen year old (and he already supported Mac Demarco this year. Jesus.) making really subtle, lovely pop music with warm, dynamic vocals. He does mumbly angst just as well as soaring… angst. His latest single ‘Ocean’ is precise but dreamy – nothing seems out of place or accidental, and the end result is something very pretty.


Bad//Dreems: Wednesday, 9.40 p.m. – The Brightside (Outdoor)


It’s no secret that we’re fans of these guys, but if you haven’t seen them live yet, you’re missing out. Bad//Dreems specialise in heavy downer vibes and grab-you-by-the-throat melodies. With a debut album on the way, there’s sure to be plenty of new stuff to sink your teeth into.

Facebook / Bandcamp / Website

Blank Realm: Wednesday, 11.20 p.m. – New Globe Theatre


Okay, not exactly an underground find, we know, but Blank Realm is a truly world class act and if you’re not already planning on seeing them well… you gotta. They write riffs like no one else and are probably gonna be the most fun act you’ll see all festival – the perfect band to get sweaty and messy and a bit dirty to at the end of the first night.



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Dion Tartaglione is an expert manipulator of noise. As Planète he is at the forefront of the newest wave of Australian electronic music. This might seem like big praise if you’ve never heard of him, but I have a feeling after listening to the latest Planète tunes – the ‘Visions’ / ‘Snow Sketch’ double A-side – you might agree with me.

I’m so confident that you’ll agree this guy is the bomb that I am tempted to stop writing now and let the music talk for me. I’m too vain to let that happen though; let me tell you a bit more about what to expect.

‘Visions’ starts off simply, quietly. Only a few blips and clicks permeate the low-level sound, but they are crucial to the build up. Not long after, the bass enters and your synapses start firing; electrical and chemical impulses start moving in your brain. The groove, once this track gets going, is undeniable – it might not make your heart race, but it will make your brain work.

‘Snow Sketch’ is the slightly longer song of the two, and it has more of a body groove going for it. You can bop around a bit more to this one, but its charm is in its restraint. Plucky synth notes dance around the maracas and bass undercurrent. Both tracks get beyond the seven-minute mark, making each a hefty yet satisfying aural trek.

‘Snow Sketch’ and ‘Visions’ are so immaculately crafted you’ll think they came from a bigger, more established name. The songs are like rooms decorated in the most elegant, minimalist style – unfathomably cool. Planète has the backing of similarly hip electro-heads, Silo Arts, and has supported the likes of LUCIANBLOMKAMP live. If you’re not convinced by this release, then it’s genuinely your loss.

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