Jordie Lane – Not From Round Here

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Jordie Lane is not Angus Stone. He’s got far too much lyrical depth and seems to be able to write songs that are, well, enjoyable. Live, he’s got a certain roguish charm – as well as a pseudo-self-defeating attitude, and a reluctant acceptance of the inevitable comparisons to the brother Stone. He’s one of Australia’s best, and I love his music – especially the track War Rages On from his first album.

Not From Round Here, the first single from his new album Blood Thinner, is visually delightful, crisp & clear and full of shots of open roads and rolling plains. If it was a tad more pastel, it would be a hipsters dream – but as it stands, it’s a great piece of filmmaking, conjuring all kinds of emotions & images. The song itself shows Lane at his best, a consumate songwriter telling modern stories in a classic way.

He’s launching his album soon, so you should check it, him & his sneaky banjo out.

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