Gotye – ‘Out In The Cold’ screen cap (directed by Jacob Simkin)

Gotye, whose real name is Wally de Backer, has managed to release what is close to the best Australian album for 2006, Like Drawing Blood. I love the press release – “Take two and a half years, four share-houses, 757 op-shop records, a few thousand dollars lost to dodgy housemates, 2565 hours of community library customer service, 20,000 km of round-Australia travel, countless computer crashes and one critical hard-disk failure, and you have a rough diary for the recording process of the new record by Gotye (pronounced ‘gore-ti-yeah’).”

Instrumentally, Like Drawing Blood is a cut-and-paste affair, in a similar vein to DJ Shadow sans the hip-hop. All of this is topped off by Wally’s immaculate vocals. The end result is a fusion of genres and styles that’s a joy to listen to. We’ve got the track ‘Thanks For Your Time’ for your listening pleasure.

Gotye – ‘Thanks For Your Time’ (mp3)

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