‘Broken Stone Records’ Roadshow hits Horse Bazaar

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Caitlin Park live photo

Caitlin Park

Magnetic Heads

I caught the first half of the Broken Stone Records Roadshow at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne on Sunday. Featuring ‘Magnetic Heads‘, ‘Caitlin Park‘, ‘The Maple Trail‘ and ‘Sister Jane‘, the Broken Stone Records Roadshow is currently making its way around the nation. Heading up to Newcastle tonight and then onto Sydney for the last few shows. If you can get along be sure to do so as the sets from Magnetic Heads and Caitlin Park were great and well worth the door charge. You can also check out some original cover artwork and of course pick up some fine merch. Dates are on their site here – http://www.brokenstonerecords.com/

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  1. Daniel Ogilvie

    February 23, 2012 2:23 am

    I want to take my hat off to who ever had the mammoth task in organising 4 bands to go on tour! It is hard enough sorting out one let alone 4! Like herding cats!



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