Perth – LP ‘Babes, Water, Waves’


Perth – ‘White Glasgow’ mp3

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I linked the opening track from Perth’s debut LP ‘Babes, Water, Waves’ but I would’ve been happy to post any track. There are really sweet sounds being made over in the WA and this is another fine example. It’s an ambient sound that develops into beats and then mild psych pop and back again. The vocals are distant and sparse and the feel is desolate and shoe gazey. ‘Boy’ is a whole other thing with its ambient ‘Aphex Twin’ influenced vibe that leads you into another dimension of Perth. This is a record to zone out to and probably one that will grow with multiple listens. I’m glad these guys finally got this released and let’s hope they tour the rest of the nation. Get the LP by paying whatever helps you sleep at night here –

Like them on their band page here –


3 Responses

  1. kadin g

    April 12, 2012 10:58 pm

    perth is awesome!! full of wonder and melody similar to animal collective if they did autumn theme. Great cover too



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