World’s End Press – ‘Second Day Uptown’

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World’s End Press – ‘Second Day Uptown’

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Lighten your Monday with happiness delivered from Melbourne’s World’s End Press. Driven by their live jammin and disco party sound, W.E.P. have a dapper new single on digital release. Despite working on a new record for some time, it seems the boys aren’t ready to make any full length release dates just yet. I don’t think they’re playing hard to get, they just haven’t quite distilled their live sound into a recording yet. ‘Second Day Uptown’ represents what W.E.P. do very well and that is to get your ass dancing. It’s got that distinct bass groove and familiar vocal with a little gospel style, praise the lord keys that have you waving you hands in the air with smiley face joy. This is a tune to go out big on so enjoy lovers.

Check their Facebook for details about a physical release –



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