The Late-Night Sound

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The Late-Night Sound – ‘Silver Dreamers’ (mp3)

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Incest in the Sydney music scene continues with The Late-Night Sound. Featuring Liam Judson from Belles Will Ring, Lauren Crew and Mark Waite-Pullan from Sister Jane and Joe Driver from too many bands to mention, The Late-Night Sound are much like their name: evoking images of hazy, smoke-filled rooms and alcohol-fuelled nights.

There’s a big ’60s influence in their sound, particularly in the vocal harmonies in the chorus. There’s also a nod to acts like The Velvet Underground, early Stones, as well as Phil Spector’s wall of sound. The lo-fi production gives it added authenticity. They’ve only recently reared their head, so keep an eye out for them in ’08.


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  1. Lesa

    March 3, 2008 3:07 pm

    Loved the song … so excellent.
    Should make it to the top #1 in Australia
    In my humble opinion it’s better than the current #1 Amy Winehouse!!!!



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