Fox + Sui – ‘Summer Storm’

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Fox + Sui – ‘Summer Storm’ (mp3)

‘Summer Storm’ is taken from the debut six track release called ‘Taboo’ by Fox + Sui. A collaboration between Andras Fox and Sui Zhen who are from Melbourne and Sydney respectively but now making sweet tunes together in Melbs. Ah, to be young and talented… how lovely for us. Andras is the swinging producer beats-guy and Sui is the cute indie pop vocal-gal. Together they make winter bearable with warm tones washing through clicks and chimes and playful lyrics. ‘Summer Storm’ feels like jumping in puddles and playing dress-up with your best friends, truthful and sweet. The Ep is officially due out June 19 with a 7inch vinyl release that will feature ‘Summer Storm’ and ‘Moon Nightclub’, available at cool record stores.

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