Runner – ‘Flaws’

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Runner – ‘Flaws’ (mp3)

Oh man, it really pleases me to come across such talent from all over this fine land. I caught this band on the Fat Shan winter playlist and grabbed the ‘Indiana’ Ep on BandCamp. I pretty much instantly fell for the whole thing. I haven’t heard much of this sound coming from Perth at the moment (please write in and tell how wrong I am). There seems to be more love for vintage rock over there but these guys have the hazy instrumental sound of Gersey with the whimsical vocals of Sandpit. Yep, late 90’s stoner. The last track ‘Pilgrim’ is probably the odd-man out amongst a really coherent progression of melody. This is a standout Ep that kicks off with a nice instrumental piece leading into ‘Flaws’ and carries an understated tone throughout what is, well crafted indie dream pop.

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