The Majors – ‘Hello Columbo’

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The Majors – ‘Hello Columbo’ (mp3)

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The Majors’ Facebook page describes them as ‘Brisbane’s fourth best calypso band’ (yeah, you didn’t know we had such happening scene down here did you?), but they’re actually a lot closer to our best garage soul pop group. If I was writing for The MX or something, I might say “It’s a MYSTERY why ‘HELLO COLUMBO’ isn’t already a hit” (cause Columbo’s a detective, see…) but luckily I’m not, so I can just tell you how undeniably excellent this track is. With ringing, melancholy guitar and naive lyrics delivered in a voice of complete world weariness by James Boyd, topped off with science fiction keyboards, this is a layered and emotional song that demands repeat listens.

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