LISTEN: Velcro – ‘Rocked the Boat’

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‘Rocked the Boat’ is a soft lullaby taken from Budding Teens, a new Velcro tape released on US label Terroir Edition. The label guy has a pretty unique aesthetic and posts merch from Spokane, Washington with another cool band Campfires on the roster.

Velcro will be launching the Budding Teens cassette on Thursday, 7th March at The Gaso upstairs in Melbourne. I’m still not totally down with tapes even though the Velcro stuff sounds real sweet on a sony tape deck, I bought new in 95. It still feels weird but it’s a cheap way to make something worth buying and hanging onto. So if you have any sentimentality – get to the show for this limited release.

Budding Teens has 5 tracks from the Velcro catalogue including the disco number ‘Bong Lion’. These tracks are short, sweet, direct and heartfelt. ‘Rocked the Boat’ is obviously my favourite despite being an older track. It’s because like all good poets, Velcro weaves my emotions into a little ball and plays with it like a kitten. I’m helpless when I hear those warm tones and weighty Melbourne sound.






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