LISTEN: Flamingo – ‘Watch It Blow Up’

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Flamingo are from Adelaide… no seriously they are from Adelaide. I don’t know why that seems crazy but it does when I listen to this stuff. Sure, guys making beats at home can draw from anywhere now and create a sound that doesn’t have to fit their scene or landscape or whatever but make no mistake – it is way harder. Mostly because it’s difficult to know what’s good. The feedback is on yourself which is why I’m impressed by the way these guys have worked up this sound. Check their soundcloud for an ‘EP’ of sorts. The first half of O.T.H.A.F.A sounds straight out of Brooklyn and the rest is all worth a spin too. Some dub step beats and sparse jamie xx bass as well. Yes, it’s a mish mash but the highs out way the missteps. ‘Watch It Blow Up’ is our choice cut. Enjoy.






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