NEWS: ATP – Release The Bats

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An All-Day Halloween Party Extravaganza!

That’s the tag line. I have always wanted to be excited about halloween. How could you go wrong with a night of dress-up and free candy (lollies). So it’s with much excitement, I tells ya – we are getting a true celebration of Halloween thanks to the folks at ATP. I mean why should American’s have all the fun! So yeah, those amazing peeps who put on a festival in the mountains – without the snow but with Nick Cave. And then made Altona the next Brunswick. That last gig went pretty well so they thought – why not keep it rolling? How bout having The Breeders come play at the Westgate Entertainment Centre and Grand Star reception in Altona, Melbourne. Bringing the classic lineup of Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs, and Jim Macpherson to play a full lick of Last Splash. Seriously – Cannonball!

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As for the all important Aussie tilt – The UV RaceWhite WallsHoss, and Total Control sound pretty great but expect even more riot awesomeness tba. Now, let’s get real. And quote from the presser “This will be a dark journey, fellow traveller. The core of your very being will be assaulted by the audio maelstrom that is the Jesus Lizard – flying in for this very rare and exclusive appearance – their first Australian visit since 1998. They will summon five kinds of hell, and unleash raw, dark forces that will confront your psyche. They promise the sonic equivalent of staring at the sun. Hope that you are ready for the starkness that is reality when, like all things in this existence, it ends.” Nice eh.

I personally can’t wait for Fuck Buttons and Lightning Bolt on the same day – that shit is crazy!

Tickets are priced at $150 (+ booking fee) and go on sale today at 9am from







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