EVENT: Bermuda Float #2

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I’d eat what he’s serving. In fact, I have. Would you like to? Join Pearl Oyster serving deliciousness with the sounds of merry bands of colourful musical pleasure, onboard the BERMUDA FLOAT with King Tuff and other gangs of awesome including UV Race, Mighty Duke and the Lords, Made For Chickens By Robots, and Peace Pipe DJ’s. Yep, those are all real band names. Bermuda Float is back for another wet stroll down the yarra… or maybe out on the ocean – I don’t know but it’s not stopping so take your floaties and get tropical. Presser time:

King Tuff is the brainchild of garage-rocker Kyle Thomas. Known chiefly as King Tuff to the rock-nerd underworld, he has moonlighted in a multitude of bands, such as psych-folk band Feathers, garage punk and Sub Pop affiliated outfit Happy Birthday as well as J Mascis’ doom band Witch. Gracing our shores with his lo-fi garage pop for the first time ever!

+ Catch UV Race before they head off on their 2nd US of A tour this May.

BERMUDA FLOAT #2 THURSDAY 25TH APRIL – That’s ANZAC Day – (not Australia day)

Tickets on sale here. Get ’em while you can. You can check out Wing and Gill for more shenanigans and a very trippy background image.



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