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Do you like Instagram? I like Instagram. My friend’s a Lo-fi kinda girl but I’m more of a Walden. So too is this stunning new video from Cosmo’s Midnight, filmed entirely underwater and under what looks like an Instagram filter.

The Sydney-based duo (with the help of friends) shot the aquatic video themselves, which features an illusive underwater dancer, swirling around in sync to the music, who slowly and elegantly starts to peel off each item of clothing. It’s an absolutely mesmerising watch.

Cosmo’s Midnight first piqued peoples’ interest last year with their remix of Flume’s ‘Sleepless’, later released on a Future Classic compilation. But ‘Phantasm’ is Cosmo & Patrick Liney’s brand new single, which the twin brothers dropped this week. There’s something a little Purity Ring-esque to their sound- perhaps it’s the dreamy vocals of guest vocalist Nicole Millar, albeit more mellow and ambient. The single caters to all your electro-pop needs; its lush synths are tantalisingly sweet, its jolty beat will get you body-rolling, and the tranquility in Millar’s voice with soothe those stress-induced wrinkles on your forehead.

The brothers have now joined the Yes Please family, and will be releasing a new EP on May 8. But for now, treat yo’self to a free download of ‘Phantasm’ here.


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