LISTEN: Swimming – ‘Triplebrie’

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So this is quite lovely eh. Girls and boys, harmony and heartbeat, spacious but not pretentious. Swimming reside in the wonderful city of Adelaide and ‘Triplebrie’ is the first single from their new recording Yes, tonight. Swimming are sisters, Katie and Angie Schilling + spunky friend, Sam Reynolds. Yes, tonight was recorded in Adelaide by Pat Lockwood who has worked on great releases from Terrible Truths, Wild Oats, and Old Mate. There are plenty of layered vocals, clicks, strums and looped sounds. The record actually gives a pretty good indication of their live performance, which is a relaxed and intimate listening experience.

Swimming have just played shows in their hometown to loving fans and then hit up Sydney and Brisbane. Melbourne should be next so we’ll keep you posted. For now, browse their well designed/branded wares on bandcamp, which include physical products to accompany the digital release of their record. It’s an interesting solution to selling digital products devoid of the tangible and therefore collectable, unique pieces of memorabilia ie. a CDR with artwork or the more expensive production of vinyl. There is a sliding scale on cost for simpler items, like a tea towel + download, which is perfect for well printed artwork, and rise to deluxe T-shirts + download at the higher end. It seems to be working as they have almost sold-out the second run of T’s.

For a little taste of their talent, you can check out a ‘pay whatever helps you sleep at night’ download of the ‘Triplebrie’ single here.






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