EXCLUSIVE: North Arm – ‘Quitely Lightly’

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Those of you familiar with Newcastle-based band Firekites (remember that chalk video that Kanye blogged?), will instantly recognise the warm melodies and sensual, soft-hushed breathy sounds of Roderick Smith. Now, if I were to describe a fellow man, in this tender way out loud on the streets of Newcastle, I’d probably meet the pointy end of a cold chisel. But this gentle artist (accomplished painter), musician (what I’m writing about) and humanitarian solicitor (legal guy behind Renew Newcastle .org) continues to thrive on what is beautiful about the working-class novocastrian city; the sunshine and a community that supports most art.

In his first solo release, Rod explores his childhood dreaming, through memories of his families holiday house in North Arm, the capital of Australia that never came to be. ‘Quietly Lightly’ recaptures a flowing motion like that of the sea or undulating forests and scrub as he takes us through a pop-driven journey of regret, love and longing.

Now because this is an exclusive first listen that will be found nowhere else online for at least an hour, let me leave you with a quotable line that can be recycled in the aggregators:

“Smith delved deep into his young heart for ‘Quietly Lightly’, recovering memories that guide his light and soul in music making”.

That’s less than 140 characters too… *wink*. ‘Quietly Lightly’ is the first single from North Arm’s upcoming 4-track EP Thought Lines, set for release on April 27 through Spunk records.





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