INTRODUCING: Slumberhaze

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New kids on the block, Slumberhaze, have peeped their heads through that fresh Sydney morning fog with their first installment of a three-part EP project, Rhyme, Rhythm & Romance (Part 1).

The new four-track EP is a perfect taste of where the trio are heading with their obscure fusion of hip hop and post-rock, layered further with beautiful harmonies and spacey guitars.

‘Backspace’ dances its way into your head with its catchy vocal hook. The lead vocalist carries an eerie sounding set of wavering pipes, similar to that of Hayden Thorpe of Wild Beasts. Slumberhaze put their own stamp on Wild Beasts’ whimiscal melodies; fragmenting the bliss with bursts of down-tempo and soulful hip hop. Their love of all thing soul pops its head back up in ‘A Lot Of Love’, until it swells into a brutal and guitar-heavy orchestra of sounds. Foraying into darker, more melodic territory, ‘Until The Summer’ is a highlight on this release; beautifully littered and broken up with offcuts of spoken word.

A release for the oddball romantic. Looking forward to Part 2.


Slumberhaze are playing in Sydney this Saturday 8 June at the Oxford Art Factory. Check it out.

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