The E.L.F.: ‘Boucne Bounce Bounce’

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The E.L.F. – a.k.a Darren Cross – has been evoking the DIY spectre of the electro-indie zeitgeist ever since he dropped his lo-fi debut release Stevie Nicks Hearts last year. The filmclip for the disc’s first single, ‘Cockroaches’, was made for a measly throwaway ten bucks.

Now The E.L.F. is set to launch the follow-up to Stevie Nicks Hearts, and ‘Bounce Bounce Bounce’ is the first taste of the new material. And this filmclip was made for nothing. Nada. Zilch. Intimating rave nights with the help of garish sirens, cowbell, a skull-thumping beat and synths galore, ‘Bounce Bounce Bounce’ is pure hedonistic dance floor fodder. Cross overtly announces his intentions: “If you’re not gonna dance I’m gonna go home.”

“More DIY spirit than Thurston Moore on a shopping spree in Kmart,” is how The E.L.F. describes this one.




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