Kate Miller-Heidke: ‘Can’t Shake It’ video

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Quirky popstress Kate Miller-Heidke has a new disc out called Curioser that’s been garnering plaudits as of late, and ‘Can’t Shake It’ is the first single lifted from the album. Once again she’s throwing some varied influences into the mix – New Wave, Kate Bush, pop rock, ’90s dance – but it feels more focussed than the material off her debut, which at times had the tendency to run away with itself. This one feels a little undercooked at times, and that guitar riff reminds me a bit of the Rogue Traders (but it’s actually used intelligently, so I can deal with it) but it’s pop music with some edge. It’ll be a hit, and hopefully remind the Austereo audience that pop music doesn’t have to be bland or a facade like Katy Perry.

Actually… I pick Kate over Katy any day. Yep, in both senses of the word.



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  1. julia

    October 27, 2008 5:53 pm

    i dig the song, but i’m so sick of all the alice in wonderland references in pop these days, i thought after gwen stefani’s effort with that ‘what you waiting for?’ song it would have stopped. but then, gwen stefani’s shit, and kate’s cool.

    i think the nose makeup just looks like a pore strip though.



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