The Woods Themselves

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The Woods Themselves – ‘Groove Wind’ (mp3)

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Sydney’s The Woods Themselves released their sophomore album, (C’Mon) Do The Beach Thing, earlier this year. Nestled toward the end of the tracklist is Groove Wind, a song that’s sparse in accompaniment but dense in atmosphere. It’s three minutes of dark pop bliss that washes over you in what feels like an instant due to its meditative feel.

An organic, percussive beat drives the song forward over lilting piano chords and splashes of minimalist guitar before shifting into an outro that chants the mantra, “this is not a scene/ we don’t exist.” It’s the kind of song that grabs you in a slow, subtle way – so that you don’t even realise until you’re pressing repeat for the fourth consecutive time.

A standout on what is a very solid release. For proof of their versatility, check out the rest of the album to hear a proficiency in warm, sunshine pop as well.



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