Belles Will Ring – ‘Priest Coats’

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Belles Will Ring – ‘Priest Coats’

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Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Belles Will Ring are Australia’s foremost exponents of nostalgic, psychedelic rock at the moment. With its distillation of their surroundings and influences into a fresh, sprawling and jangling aesthetic, their debut LP, Mood Patterns, was probably my favourite Australian album of 2007. Now, we are presented with a mini-LP, Broader Than Broadway, to hold us over until they regroup for a sophomore effort.

First single Priest Coats has already hit radio and extends their whimsical, folkadelic digressions into rougher, rock territory. Lush and upbeat vocal harmonies weave their way through equal parts chiming and distorting guitars until ultimately ending with a sigh. It’s the kind of song that you know took a lot of effort to produce and orchestrate but is never weighed down by it’s subtle complexity.

Fantastic stuff that showcases the dynamic combination of great production and a fine-tuned pop sensibility. Keep an ear out for these guys and let them soundtrack your summer.



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