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Driffs are four housemates from Sydney who make loping pop of the supine kind; the sort of thing critics like to call ‘the soundtrack to summer’ (see? couldn’t help myself). Their music does have a beach-ridden feel. I imagine that when they decided to form a band they were reclining with the sun in their eyes; someone tried to say the word ‘drifts’ but couldn’t quite be bothered.

New single ‘Back to Bellevue’ was recorded at their home in Annandale and mastered by Mikey Young. These guys clearly have a thing for Underwater Peoples (the US label that handles Real Estate, Julian Lynch and Australia’s own Free Time and the Twerps). Their bell-toned guitar is heavily refracted, like a glimpse of something discarded on a creek bed, and the vocals are gentle and hazy. ‘Back to Bellevue’ is a pleasing step up in tempo for Driffs; sharp, cheerful and concise.


Driffs have an official release slated for early 2014.

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