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Spoonbill -‘Feather Leather’

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Spoonbill – ‘Finger Food’

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Spoonbill is an electronic artist from Melbourne whose stylistically disparate samples and synths combine to form scattershot but unexpectedly cohesve pieces. While undoubtedly an electronic record, he regularly uses the tools of digital production to explore other genres like jazz, country and hip hop to great effect.

‘Finger Food’ is a short track from his latest album, Zoomorphic, and  is built around a beat of sampled mouth percussion and potato chips that resembles the incidental music on old-school Nickelodeon – that is, until the sinister synth line kicks in. ‘Feather Leather,’ on the other hand, is the de facto centrepiece of the album and combines squelching synths with a clap-happy disco beat and, oddly enough, a jazz trumpet. It’s a much more fleshed out piece and, while repetitive in structure, its arrangement is intricate and evolving enough to entertain and excite.



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  1. Nikita Dorogavtsev

    April 6, 2009 1:44 pm

    Very cool thing… Unfortunetly very difficult to buy CD or legal mp3… Sometimes it looks like musicians doing everything so people will download their stuff for free.

    Very sad, very sad :-(



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