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Do The Robot – ‘Europe’

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Do The Robot – ‘Moon In The Sky’

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Do The Robot are Brisbane husband/wife duo Matt and Sarah Deasy whose Myspace once listed ‘Twin Peaks’ in their ‘Sounds Like’ category. I was pretty much hooked since then and, while their new material seems less synth-pad heavy than this reference point might suggest, it’s still a good indicator of the dense and lush sound the pair manage to piece together with only a few instruments.

One thing that DTR do have over ‘Twin Peaks’ is Mrs Deasy’s vocals. At time icy and disconnected and elsewhere warm and inviting, she sounds more like Juanita Stein (of Howling Bells) these days, which is totally a good thing. The vocals have plenty of room to move in the mix, which is filled out with sparse, ringing guitars and simple drum machine patterns atop subtle pads. This ultimately combines to sound like a more skeletal Cocteau Twins (especially on DTR’s first album, Amp On Fire), though they’ve been pedaling this brand of dream pop for years before it became super cool again.

Their second album is about to be released and I’m definitely looking forward to these guys getting back on the live bandwagon.


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  1. shaun

    April 24, 2009 5:22 pm

    Wow, great to see these guys covered here. I’ve been eagerly waiting for new material for a while and these songs sound great. Hope they tour nationally soon.



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