Tucker B’s

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Tucker B’s – ‘First Born Son’

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Tucker B’s – ‘Wow (A Bear Is Not A Man)’

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These guys have been kicking around for over a decade so they know what they’re doing. This is the first album, however, that I’ve devoted suitable attention to. Like any underground Australian act surviving that long, an admirable amount of dedication is required and that totally shines through on this record.

I couldn’t pick just one song, partially because it’s a quality release and partiallybecause one isolated song can’t adequately  communicate the reach of their stuff. ‘First Born Son’ is the lead track and opens with a burst of noise before synthesising it into a tight, tense song complete with a double tracked melody about mysterious famalial obligations.

‘Wow (A Bear In Not A Man)’ is full of fragile ivory punctuated by euphoric shards of guitar that almost answer the hope in singer Matt Rudas’s voice, before divulging in the first truly heavy moments of the disc.

Compelling stuff.




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