Who The Hell’s 2006 Wrap-Up: Part 5 – Industry

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In the fifth and final part of Who The Bloody Hell Are They’s wrap-up, not only am I running out of summary opening paragraph ideas, but we the people of Who The Hell are bringing you Top 5’s from those in the know – the men and women who are the backbone of the music industry… in fact, they are the industry. Here’s a vast array of individuals from all sections of the music industry, giving you their expert picks on what Aussie releases rocked their worlds in 2006.

In a couple of days we’ll collate all the selections and compile them into the ultimate Top 10 Aussie Releases of 2006 post.  Definitely some interesting results…

Brent Quincy Buchanan (Warner Music Australia)
Sarah Blasko – What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have
Children Collide – Glass Mountain Liars
Darren Hanlon – Fingertips and Mountaintops
Gotye – Like Drawing Blood
Shane Nicholson – Faith & Science

Claire Collins (Black Yak Records)
Dappled Cities – Granddance
Snowman – Snowman
Young & Restless – Satan
Gotye – Like Drawing Blood
Red Riders – Replica Replica

David Benge (Speak N Spell Music)
Dappled Cities – Granddance
Shaky Hands – Cut Off Your Hands
Die Die Die – Locust Weeks
The Instant – Notes and Erratta
Snowman – Snowman

David Sayer (Premier Artists)
Wolf and Cub – Vessels
Dukes of Windsor – self titled
Subaudible Hum – In Time For Spring,On Came The Snow
Mary Trembles – ps…situation
Sugar Army – demo

Harvey Saward (Remote Control)
Home Team
Wolf & Cub – Vessels
Snowman – Snowman
Ned Collette – Jokes and Trials
Deloris – Ten Lives
Macromantics – Moments in Movement

Away Team
No Through Road – Too Much or Not Enough
Mountains in the Sky – Accipio
The Drones – Gala Mill
Augie March – Moo, You Bloody Choir
Dan Kelly – Drowning in the Fountain of Youth

Hugh Waters (Streetparty)
Young and Restless
Scientists of Modern Music
British India
Little Red
Saint james

Jason Spiller (Artist manager – Rizzo & Pizzo, Toydeath)
Ground Components – A Eye For A Brow, A Tooth For A Pick
The Drones – Gala Mill
Damn Arms – Patterns
Gotye – Like Drawing Blood
The Tongue – Bad Education

John Mullen (Dew Process)
The Sleepy Jackson – ‘God Lead Your Soul’
The Grates – Gravity Won’t Get You High
Gotye – Like Drawing Blood
Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set – ‘I Thought You Were God’
Expatriate – ‘Only Wanna Love Ya’

Julian Marshall (Speak N Spell Music)
Snowman – Snowman
Dappled Cities Fly – Granddance
The Temper Trap – The Temper Trap
My Disco – Cancer
The Sleepy Jackson – Personality (One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird)

Mark Bulgin (Select Music)
Paper Scissors – We Don’t Walk
Augie March – Moo, You Bloody Choir
Laura – Radio Swan Is Down
Macromantics – Moments In Movement
Midnight Juggernauts – Shadows

Myles Williams (Liberation Records)
Red Riders – Replica Replica
The Church – Uninvited Like The Clouds
Midnight Juggernauts – Secrets Of The Universe
The Crayon Fields – Animal Bells
The Temper Trap – The Temper Trap

Rob G (Select Music)
Midnight Juggernauts – Shadows
Dappled Cities Fly – Granddance
The Valentinos – Nightmoves
Macromantics – Scorch
Belles Will Ring – Mad Love
Young and Restless – Dirty Kicks

Sonia Esposito (Inertia Music)
Black Cub – Jesus East
Expatriate – The Spaces Between
The Cops – 80 In The Shade
Art of Fighting
The Presets – Beams

Steve Pavlovich (Modular)
Bumblebeez – Black Dirt 7”
Jack Ladder – Album
Wolfmother – Woman 12 “ MSTKRFT remix
Presets – down down down 12 “ digitalism remix
Wolfmother – Woman cd single avalanches remix

Tim Bull (Bootleg)
Children Collide – Glass Mountain Liars
Wolf & Cub – Vessels
British India – Black and White Radio
Teenager – Thirteen
Snowman – Snowman


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