Young Revelry

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Young Revelry

Young Revelry – Came Back Today (mp3)

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As a band Young Revelry are pretty fresh on the scene, with less than ten gigs under their belt so far. The members of the band however have cut their teeth over the past few years playing in some of WA’s finer and more popular musical exports (The Silents, Harlequin League and End of Fashion).

As some of those projects fell away it seems Young Revelry has sprung up in their place, and what a fine new growth it is. It’s noisy, it’s sweet, it’s got jangly guitars, fuzzy sounds and plenty of rhythm section punch.

Young Revelry make it hard to pin down a nice ‘band A meets band B’ simile to make a neat comparison but I think that is probably a good thing.

For all you Sydneysiders you can check Young Revelry out when they play Oxford Arts Factory on the 3rd of July. If you’re silly enough to miss that they’ll be back again for a residency in September.



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