Philadelphia Grand Jury – ‘The Good News’

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phillysPhiladelphia Grand Jury – ‘The Good News’

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We were a bit behind the 8-ball on this one – our bad – but here it is now, streaming for your pleasure in celebration of the release of the Philadelphia Grand Jury’s debut album ‘Hope Is For Hopers,’ which is available TODAY. Yes, that’s right, you can go and get your mitts on one of these bad boys right now if you wanted. If you were in Sydney, you could even see these guys more times than you could count on one hand in just one day. They’ve already done three out of their planned seven gigs today (that’s Friday the 25th), but if you’re fast then you can probably the next one starting at 1pm. Details for the remaining gigs below:

Wentworth Building street-side
City Road (near University footbridge), Sydney University

UNSW Roundhouse forecourt
Anzac Parade, University of New South Wales

Newtown Square
King Street (entrance from Bedford Street), Newtown

Purple Sneakers Rooftop
The Abercrombie Hotel, Broadway



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