Cloud Control – ‘Gold Canary’

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Cloud Control – ‘Gold Canary’ (mp3)

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New music from the Blue Mountains! Only it sounds kinda like it originates from somewhere deep in America. Cloud Control always had an earthy, pastoral quality to their music, but it sounds all the more temporally appropriate post-Fleet Foxes. Less jangle and more twang.

‘Gold Canary’ is pulled from their debut album expected early 2010. It’s got some rootsy backing vox and yelping, tambourine+handclap percussion, references to family members in the lyrics and then… a synth solo. Yes, in the midst of this quality ho-down, Cloud Control bring the ‘Dr Who’ – and it oddly fits better than it does anywhere on the latest Muse album. This song is rad and I’ll eat my computer monitor if this isn’t all over Triple J soon.


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