The Bon Scotts – ‘ The Kids Are Coming’

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The Bon Scotts – ‘The Kids Are Coming’

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It’s not the worst name in the world, but it’s up there with ‘Primal Scream’ as the most misleading. I initially ignored these guys because I figured that one AC/DC was already one too many in my life. But, as it turns out, these guys aren’t pub rock aficionados at all and I’ve been foolishly dismissing them for god knows how long. This is what I get for judging a book by its cover. This is also what a book gets for having a misleading cover.

Streaming above for your pleasure is a song that you definitely won’t hear blasted at any sports/Irish bars. It’s far too quirky and acoustic for that, and what it lacks in shirtless, hairy machismo it makes up for with contagious feeling of child-like joy. If the kids are coming, it’s because this song sounds a bit like The Middle East if The Middle East were happy and loud.


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