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Bob Evans
Bob Evans

There is a grand juxtaposition in terms of musical styles that are in vogue at the moment. On one hand, we have the superfluous Eighties synth/new wave fad, and on the other the simple, stripped-back folk music trend. Perth’s Bob Evans is a subject of the latter category. But rather that it be a contrived, money making exercise, Bob Evans plays honest, emotional folk music.

Truth be told, Bob Evans is actually the alter-ego of Kevin Mitchell, front man for Perth punk/pop group Jebediah. I was never a big fan of the music of Jebediah, but I’ve fallen in love with Bob Evans and his latest release Suburban Songbook. There’s nothing flashy about the record, it’s just based around simple and effective folk-rock tunes with strong songwriting at the core. It’s one of my favourite albums of the year and while it was hard to pick one song off the album to showcase, I thought it might be best to go with the opening song, and lead single, ‘Don’t You Think It’s Time?’

Bob Evans – ‘Don’t You Think It’s Time’

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  1. Peter

    July 28, 2006 7:22 pm

    Nice work with the site, congratulations. To be honest I’m the opposite, preferring him in Jebediah, but thats not to say I don’t his solo stuff.

    As for the other bands you’ve featured, I like what I see. To me, Belles Will Ring feel like a band about to get real big soon, and good luck to them, the same goes for Wolf & Cub. Most of the other bands, I’m yet to discover so thanks for the tip!



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