Dark Bells – ‘Fallen Time’

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Dark Bells – ‘Fallen Time’

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Hot on the heels of Canvas Kites comes Dark Bells, another post-Mercy Arms (and Diamondback Rattler) three-piece based in Sydney. ‘Fallen Time’ sounds kind of like a Howling Bells song mixed with the chorused bass-lines of early 80s (ie. amazing) Cure records – it’s got both a subdued, haunting quality whilst at times also managing to soar. A quick scan of the other songs on their Myspace reveals plenty more modulated, icy sounds and crawling basslines for those who enjoy the sound of the above track. The band have been Myspace members for about a fortnight now, so probably don’t expect a big release from them soon. Whenever it finally drops, I’ll be hoping it sounds a lot like the stuff they’re putting out now.




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