Endusk – ‘Coda’

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Endusk – ‘Coda’ (mp3)

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Featuring alongside Matt Amery and bigger-than-Jesus-right-now Boy and Bear on MacQuarie Uni’s ‘Universe/City’ compilation is the above track by Sydney’s Endusk. The release is a cool opportunity for both band and uni alike, since it creates exposure for the bands but is also one great advertisement for Mac’s music school. They’re doing something right there.

Endusk’s track is reminiscent of older Howling Bells to these ears. It’s a crisp affair, driven by strong vocals of singer/”glam puppet” Rachael Pale and some alternately spacey and chugging guitar.

Disclosure: Endusk guitarist Adrian Leighton is a contributor to this blog, but had no part in the editorial of this post.




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