AFX JIM – ‘The T in Tchina’

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AFX JIM – ‘The T in Tchina’

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4 Reasons to love AFX JIM

1. He has a great name.

2. He also pulls time with other rad Australian bands Founder and The Woods Themselves.

3. Fenella also loves him. (Listen to the SoundLab stream from Sunday night’s program for an interview between the two).

4. Everything I’ve heard from his album ‘Blackout Music’ is fantastic. Some tracks better fit the ‘experimental folk’ tag, while others are more ruminative sound collages. ‘The T in Tchina’ is a bit like The Avalanches on Ritalin, with light tinkling keys and glockenspiels reminiscent of Up In Flames-era Caribou. It never wanders a straight path but doesn’t feels directionless, with the drums dropping in after two minutes to give the kaleidoscopic samples some extra momentum. Like the aforementioned artists, this has way more depth to be considered mere pastiche – the found sounds aren’t thrown in to attract interest in themselves; there’s a precision and intelligence to their arrangement and flow that reflects unquestionable talent.



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