Nina May: ‘The Feeling’


Photo by Melinda Comerford

Nina May – ‘The Feeling’ (mp3)

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Wanna know what the kids are going crazy about at the moment? Then say hello to Brisbane four-piece Nina May and their new song ‘The Feeling’, which I think may be the demo version of a track that will make it onto their EP which is coming out at some stage during the Year of the Pig.

Aside from amassing around 1000 times more friends on MySpace than I, at the point of writing this blog, Nina May were the top-rated band on Australia’s premier music website Faster Louder.  Hell, they’ve even got a street team!  Talk about a lot of l-o-v-e.

Though it doesn’t look like the troupe have toured much outside their home state of Queensland, no doubt with their burgeoning success you’ll see their name around your state fairly soon.


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  1. Sam!

    April 21, 2007 6:17 pm

    I can’t wait till they’re famous enough to tour here in the states! Amaaaazzing, they are. Plus Erinn has really hot hair. which is always a good thing.



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