Richard In Your Mind

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Richard In Your Mind – ‘Sumertime Boogie’ (Do The) (mp3)

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Richard In Your Mind’s latest digital-only EP is full of the oddball, scatterbrain sounds we fell in love with on their debut and is their first offering on rad new label Rice Is Nice (Seekae, Talons, Spod, Traps et al).

This sounds like someone’s cool summer mixtape since it covers such broad sylistic territory. A lot of the tracks  fluctuate between entirely live performances and entirely sample based compositions, while vocals range from early-Beck slacker rap to the tender, folkier pastures. The above track is the opening instrumental number and features a sped up drum break over cut up brass, a dude shouting ‘woo’ a lot, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s intentionally hard to tell what’s been found and looped and what’s been recorded live since the track sounds like someone just mic’d up a turntable, but that unified aesthetic is the beauty of this release. It gives the whole thing a warmth that is reason other more-typically ‘chill-wave’/’glo-fi’ etc releases have become associated with summer.

Summertime EP is what happens when you take such an inventive band to the beach; it sounds like the best summer from the 60s mixed with the best summer of the 90s. Make sure you grab it and enjoy it in its appropriate seasonal context.



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