The Straight Arrows

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The Straight Arrows – ‘Can’t Count’

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Out late one Friday night I was rather incoherently talking to the door
staff at Spectrum (one of my favourite smaller live venues in Sydney) when
Alex from the Red Riders appeared at the door with an arm full of music
gear. Hhmm, an unadvertised Red Riders DJ set perhaps? Not totally. The
Straight Arrows
were playing a late shift gig upstairs. But who the hell are
The Straight Arrows? The band is new, but over flowing in experience, Owen
Penglis is the main man, Al from Red Riders, Angie from Kiosk on bass and
Adam on drums.

But most importantly what do they sound like? They are a late night dream of
filthy guitar, beaty drum and foot shifting pop. But Al said it best,
“…Everything’s getting super electro and slick again, so we’re going the
other way into the depths of feedback and mess and spirit.” Brilliant.
Defiantly not an 8.30pm support band, have a listen to Can’t Count122 and
before you know it, you’ll be striding down to the darkest, smokiest bar,
whiskey in hand ready to shake.


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