The Ruby Suns – ‘Cranberry’

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The Ruby Suns – ‘Cranberry’ (mp3)

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Another fine New Zealand band here penetrating our loose definition of ‘local’ music (especially loose on my behalf it must be said). But hey, for an island with a population only %20 the size of Australia, they sure have an insanely large output of rad music. (See: The Mint Chicks, Bachelorette, Batrider, The Clean albums from ’09).

It won’t take more than a cursory listen to notice the similarities between the latest Ruby Suns track and the mega-in vogue likes of Animal Collective (ie. Beach Boys meets electronica meets tribalism). That said, this doesn’t just sound like a pastiche of indie music c. 2009. ‘Cranberry’ is a track that’s inventive and catchy in it’s own right, with the hooks suitably buried beneath a wash of reverb.

A good sign for the upcoming album, which is reported to feature a lot of guitar trickery and lots of bass. The latter element isn’t exactly on show here, but that description + ‘Cranberry’ + Ruby Suns’ last album Sea Lion = a good reason to get excited.



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