Emma and Alec – ‘Civilisations’


Emma and Alec – ‘Civilisations’ (mp3)

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Emma Russack has been seeing a bit of love on this site lately, with whothehell enthusiastically jumping on her post-Lola Flash solo EP. As if to further boost her swelling profile, she’s joined forces with fellow former Lola Flash member Alec Marshall to release a self-titles EP under the inventive moniker of Emma and Alec.

‘Civilisations’ is a slow, minimal track, focusing mainly on Russack’s beautiful floating vocals that aren’t unlike a lot of the chillwave stuff coming out of the US at the moment. This shit can only be purchases on CD-Rs available at Emma and Alec shows (possibly at Emma solo shows, not sure though). So get along to one of those if you like what you hear.



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  1. jimmy

    February 2, 2010 12:12 am

    saw these guys at the harp with alps and castenets.
    was a nice show. the cd is pretty sweet DIY is the shit!




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