‘The Twerps’ live at The Empress

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The Twerps put out a 7″ late last year on the wonderful chapter music. I was quite hooked on that release and glad to catch their support slot for Super Wild Horse at the Empress. Lo fi pop is pretty hip right now, whilst I can get bored with some of the current crop, the Twerps have something more going on. I can’t tell you what that is exactly but it’s not just their youth. These guys aren’t moaning and have a wholesome sound, not ‘couldn’t be bothered’ lo fi. This comes across in the live show, which I really enjoyed.

Check out a track off the CD that comes with the 7″  ‘Little Guys’ – mp3


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  1. matt

    March 5, 2011 4:23 pm

    I saw The Twerps support Wagons at The Corner Hotel last night (04/03/2011) and they were the MOST unrehearsed, poorly mixed, out-of-step and vocally out of tune band I’ve seen on stage. Ever. I thought I was watching a teen band rehearsing in a garage. The gilr was clearly the only one there with any musical ability and she needs to get out quick and find a real band to help her grow in her abilities.

    I’m prepared to lay some of the blame on mixing and a possibly faulty foldback, but the stumpy-armed fop of a lead-singer seemed so impressed with his vocal talents, that he had two separate mic set-ups and used alternated between them, even though they both sounded precisely the same.

    The fact that these guys are going to SXSW is incredulous. They were truly, truly awful.
    Poor wee things.



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