Snake Face – ‘Ignorant Youth’


Snake Face – ‘Ignorant Youth’ (mp3)

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So Imma level with you – I don’t think this is very good. But then I don’t really like hardcore music so this kind of just sounds like any overdriven guitar music that sounds like getting fucked in the ear with a cheese grater.

But we all love a side-project, and this one features members of Parades (yes, including Jonathan “SK8R BOI” Boulet). Plus it was recorded in a house over two days on borrowed equip so mad props for DIY yo.

Above is the title track from their debut album Ignorant Youth. If you like hardcore music (I’m looking at you, Sophie) then let me know what you think. I really can’t judge, but here it is for your aural pleasure/torment.


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  1. Chrispin Stamos

    February 24, 2010 11:50 am

    Yeah, I love hc with massive passion, and I see what they are trying to do, kind of kicking it old school, but they just don’t compare to any of the bands around at the moment.

    If u want good Australian hc, check out House vs Hurricane, 50 Lions, Arms Reach, Carpathian, the list goes on really.



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