Seja – ‘I’ll Get To You’


Seja – ‘I’ll Get To You’

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A while back I posted a great Seja Vogel track that was then divorced of any albums details beyond the label that would release it (Rice Is Nice). That album now has a name (We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares), a release date (27/3), and her name has been to shortened (dropping the Vogel, Madonna-style).

In case you didn’t check that post, Seja is the synth player in both Sekiden and Regurgitator, as well as sporadically contributing synth duty to acts like SPOD and The Mess Hall. We Have Secrets… will be her first solo album, most of which was written and recorded with just vintage electronic equipment and her voice.

‘I’ll Get To You’ is the lead single from the album and, true to the above description, it’s a pool of vintage 80s synths that would make M83 or even Goldfrapp proud. If, by some chance, you’re initially underwhelmed then make sure you hang about until the bridge.

Seja is launching the album on a co-headlining with Otouto. Dates below.

Fri 16 – The Metro, Adelaide (plus Clue To Kalo)
Sat 17 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Thu 22 – The Troubadour, Brisbane
Fri 23 – The Sando, Newtown, Sydney


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